Chances are, if you’ve met us in person, you’ve seen us at a convention in costume. Jessica creates and designs several costumes and does take custom orders.  You can see a few examples below.

Below are just a few examples of the costumes she’s made and she does take commissions.  If you’re interested in a commission, please visit this page.

Or if you just want to follow our cosplay and see the most up to date information, feel free to check out our cosplay pages!
Brichibi Cosplays
Snow Cosplays

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Original, Geeky Sketches 

Often times we’ll design our own versions of outfits and many of these become costumes we wear.  Our loves range from anime to video games to basically anything geeky that we’re fans of.

Snow’s Designs:

Bri’s designs:

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Dragon Ball Z Goku Dress – Original Design

Dr. Facilier – Original Design

Lady Tremaine – Original Design

Colossalcon Fashion Show!

Pictures by Eddie B Photos

Pictures by Dave Yang Photography

Wallscroll dresses: Need something to do with that old wallscroll that you don’t have room for on your wall? We can turn it into a dress! As seen with the Kingdom Hearts and Sailor Moon dress below, the front of it is made from a wallscroll while the rest of the dress is made to fit with it.

Pictures by Nude Carbon Studios and X-Geek

Pictures by WAM Photography

Couple’s cosplay pictures by Elyse Shuldhiess

Mario and Bowser dresses – Original Design

Pictures by Nude Carbon Studios and X-Geek

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Five Nights at Freddy’s – Original Design

Pizza box art used with permission from the artist, Timothy Lim

Freddy Fazbear cosplayer with Brichibi is Brad Duct-Tape Hale

Markiplier cosplayer with us is Jennifer Berends


Wonder Woman and Kid Flash – Original Design

Pictures taken by ilessthan3photography

Neo Queen Serenity – Sailor Moon based on fanart by asieybarbie.

Pictures taken by DWB Photography.

Pictures by ilessthan3photography

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 Princess Tiana – Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier is Jade Aurora

The Queen of Hearts is Sweets4aSweet Cosplay

Belle is Pretty Lush Cosplay


Pictures taken by Nude Carbon Studios.


Belle and Beast – Beauty and the Beast based on art by Jim Shore


Storm – Based on fanart by haniemohd 


Sonic the Hedgehog dress – Original Design


FINISHED COMMISSIONS (all done by Jessica and usually just the costume itself, not the wigs/accessories unless otherwise specified)

Rose Quartz – Steven Universe

Death the Kid – Soul Eater

Captain America and Winter Soldier

Flame Princess – Adventure Time

Shadow Yukiko – Persona 4

Madoka Final Form – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Pictures by Potatokraken Photography

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