June & July Updates

Lets start with some of the biggest news:

Little Creepers is finally coming out!  Copies are currently being printed and will be present at our table at Anime Iowa!  Thanks to this, we’re holding a launch event all that week from July 13th until the 20th on Facebook.

You can order your signed copy or ebook here through Etsy.

We now have a Patreon!  Join us to follow our newest creations and see them before anyone else.  We also have tiers with tutorials, art, coloring pages, polls, sneak peeks and the ability to vote on what we make next.  This is the best way to help support what we do and ensure that we can keep bringing out our most creative things.

Don’t forget about the Fashion Show! Jessica/Snow in participating in a local fashion show and creating a dress based on the work of Shigeru Miyamoto and of course Briana will be modeling said dress.  If you’re local, check out all the info here!  DesignICON – Twin Cities

Finally here’s the next upcoming conventions you can find us at:
Anime Iowa – July 13th-15th
2D Con – August 3rd-5th
San Japan – Aug 31st-Sept 2nd

Fantastic February Updates

With the beginning of February we’re still deep in publishing articles and writing pieces until conventions start up again next month, but – surprise! – there is a place you can see us this month!

Briana will be speaking at the University of Minnesota and you can find out more information here if you’d like to attend or watch it steaming.

Also Briana has been published in a whole host of new places!  If you want to read these articles and want a full list, check out the magnifiquenoir site.

Meanwhile Jessica/Snow is still working on Little Creepers and her Tarot project.  Card #2 is out: The Magician.  She’s also working with other Minnesota authors on a new project, which should be announced later this year.


Happy 2018!

A new year has begun and with that we have quite a few new projects ready and going!

Along with our normal map of conventions (starting in March) we’ll be releasing my new horror anthology Little Creepers just in time for the convention season.  Head over to our etsy store to preorder your copy!

Not to mention new costumes, new prints, a Tarot card project and all sorts of fun!  Keep an eye out for where we’ll be and where you can find all of our items.  Also, don’t forget that most are available year round on our etsy store!

New Release: magnifiqueNOIR Book 1: I Am Magical by Briana Lawrence


This time last year I was launching the Kickstarter for this little idea I had about a group of black, queer, magical girls. While the Kickstarter didn’t end up panning out, I told myself that I wouldn’t give up on the idea and that I’d finish the story and release it someday.

Today is that day.

“magnifiqueNOIR” is here and I am so thrilled to be presenting it to everyone!

If you’ve already preordered the book through the Indiegogo or our Etsy shop, you will be receiving it very soon! I got confirmation from UPS that the 15 boxes (yes, 15!) will be at my house this Friday! After that, I’ll be autographing all of them and then giving my post office a nightmare (just kidding, we already talked to them and came up with a plan).

If you haven’t ordered the book yet, now is your chance! Not just the physical copy, but the eBook as well! So here’s Bri’s somewhat comprehensive list of ways to have a little bit of black girl magic in your home, on your Kindle, and more important: in your hearts (boo Bri that was cheesy).

  1. The super special awesomely autographed copy! Follow the link here to get a physical copy of the book autographed by yours truly! We have a limited amount of numbers before we order batch #2 of the book in time for fall season conventions! http://etsy.me/2wgOepY
  2. The amazing Amazon physical copy! While it doesn’t come with my autograph, it is discounted for a limited time, and hey, free shipping through Prime is always nice! http://a.co/iLjp1os
  3. The magically fantastic eBook copy! Because who doesn’t want their electronic reading device to come packed with black girl magic? http://a.co/eTKiHSf
  4. Conventions! I’ll have a list of them up soon, but this Saturday, I’ll be at MSP Fall ComiCon at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, so if you’re local, you can come and get a copy of the book from me in person!

Now comes the next part: promotion. If you are absolutely in love with the book, talk about it online! Use the hashtag #magnifiqueNOIR to share your love for these girls. Take pictures of your book/eBook, share this post everywhere, and definitely, most definitely, definitely definitely definitely LEAVE A REVIEW when you’re done reading! Let’s show the world that black girls with magical powers are spectacular!

As always, thank you from the bottom of my chubby black queer girl heart for all the support. When I came up with this idea last March, I had no idea it would grow so much. There may have been some hiccups along the way, but we’re here now, and you all are truly magical 🙂


July Updates!

Hey there, magical ones! Hope you’re all having a great summer! We’ve been busy traveling to conventions, promoting “magnifiqueNOIR” and, of course, getting the book finished! Here’s where we are at the moment:

1. Editing is DONE!!! So the next part is to get the file ready for our formatter along with sending over all the art that’s going into the book. He will then get the book ready for physical/ebook versions and send it back to me. Once it’s approved, it goes to the printer!!!

2. While all of that is going on, I’ll be getting all the backer rewards organized. Currently, they’re in my office, but I’ll be making sure I have absolutely everything for you all 🙂

3. When I’m ready to ship everything out, I’ll be sending an email to everyone to make sure addresses are the same and things like that. Some of you have had this ordered since February, so I want to be sure you get your book!

In other news, we are officially discontinuing the preview books we had for “magnifiqueNOIR.” With the book coming out so soon, there’s no real need for the chapter preview anymore. Thank you to everyone who picked one up and everyone who has been spreading the word about the project.

Don’t forget, you can stay up to date at the following places:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magnifiqueNOIR
Website: http://www.magnifiquenoir.com/
Twitter: @BrichibiTweets (and feel free to use #magnifiqueNOIR)

Don’t forget, if there’s any magnifiqueNOIR merchandise you forgot to pick up, it’s all in our etsy store!

We’re so close, everyone! I’m so excited to present this book to you!

June Updates!

Ooops, so we’ve been super busy and have forgotten to update this section of the page, so that will change over the next month as we update and have some awesome new announcements!

First off: The cover for MagnifiqueNOIR Book 1 has been revealed!  Thanks to the amazing Jenn St-Onge for this cover!  We can’t wait until the book comes out in late July to see it in all the printed glory!

Don’t forget you can still preorder the book here to make sure you get your copy as soon as it’s out! 



Second: Our convention schedule!

We’re super busy with conventions this summer, which means there will be more chances to see us!  Check the graphic below for where to find us when and don’t forget you can always suggest us as guests to your local con if you want us to come to your area.







We have a lot more cosplay coming down the line and more items coming out on our Etsy store, plus Snow is now making Pixel Blankets for sale among other things.  Be on the look out for many more updates to each of the pages on our site!

Hope to see you all soon!

magnifiqueNOIR Book 1 is go!

Good morning, magical ones. The campaign is over, and I’m happy to say that we have exceeded my expectations more than I could ever imagine. I woke up this morning to almost 8K in funds and the campaign reaching 158% of the initial goal.


So… what happens now?

First, I want to let you know all the ways you can keep up with the series now that this event is drawing to a close. We have:

1. HERE! This Facebook page will keep you up-to-date on the girls 🙂
2. The mailing list! You can sign up and get updates about the series and new products: http://eepurl.com/cgwG2H
3. The website: http://www.magnifiquenoir.com/
4. My Twitter (@BrichibiTweets)
5. My Tumblr (http://brichibi.tumblr.com/)

Second, there are still ways to contribute to the growth of this project. The campaign is now “InDemand” which means that you can still donate and/or pledge tiers. This works really well if you wanted a more expensive tier but couldn’t afford it (ie: magical girl care packages, ect.), especially since those bundles will only be available through the campaign. However, if you just want a copy of the book, you will be able to pre-order it through my Etsy page soon! You’ll also be able to pre-order the first wave of bath products for the girls. If you contributed to the campaign, you will be getting a coupon to use via email. If I sell out of the first wave, I’ll talk to the woman I’m working with to see if I can get a second wave going.

Third, any other items like prints, buttons, ect. that were offered in the campaign will be available on my Etsy page. It’ll just take some time to update it. I’ll also have some things available at the conventions I’m going to, and you can place orders through me there. I have an updated list of where I’ll be on the magnifiqueNOIR website!

Fourth, if you contributed to the campaign, I will be emailing the coloring page to you this week! I’ll also be making the thank you page on the website this week, too. If you don’t want your name listed (or want to use an alias) please let me know! (I’ll bring it up in the email, too).

Fifth, I will be emailing people who just donated to campaign to make sure they didn’t want anything. I had a few people hit “donate” by mistake when they meant to select a tier. If that ends up being the case, we’ll work something out so you can get the tier you want.

Last, but not least, I want to say thank you to ALL OF YOU for believing in this project so much! I never imagined that it would make it this far, and I can’t wait to release it and show the world how magical black, queer girls are.

Thank you, and don’t forget: you are magical


Final magnifiqueNOIR Kickstarter Update

The Kickstarter is over! Sadly, it looks like we didn’t get funded. I’m going to summarize my feelings with an abridged version of a conversation with my mother:

Mom: You’re going on two vacations?
Me: Yep
Mom: Good. When you get back, we’re work on Plan B
Me: Cool

This has been one hell of a ride, and along with the Kickstarter I went to four conventions in five weeks. Basically, I’ve been going to conventions since March and my con season just ended two weeks ago, so needless to say… I’m exhausted. Vacation(s) are in order!

To everyone who shared and/or pledged: THANK YOU SO MUCH! It means the world to me that this series has so much love. Just because the Kickstarter didn’t work out doesn’t mean that this is the end. The book WILL STILL be released and there will be merchandise to go along with it — some of which you can get BEFORE the book is released. The point of the Kickstarter was to try and get funding to do the ABSOLUTE MOST with this project. It may not have all of the bells and whistles at launch next year, but the bells and whistles it does have will be shiny and neat

So, at the moment, I ask that you don’t discuss any alternative plans with me. This weekend I’ll be going to Texas to see a very good friend of mine get married, and the weekend after I’m going on vacation with some good friends. I’m going to use this time to REST and RELAX! I’ll tackle how to release the book, whether I want to try a different crowdfunding format, and things of that nature AFTERWARDS.

However, if you want to keep up with the girls, there are several ways to do so. We have:

The mailing list: http://eepurl.com/cgyZGf

The Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/magnifiqueNOIR/

The website: http://www.magnifiquenoir.com/

Thanks everyone, and remember: You are Magical

The magnifiqueNOIR Kickstarter Is LIVE!

14332993_10103565774027230_8803812661800851273_n What is magnifiqueNOIR?


There’s a city. It’s like most other cities. Buildings. People. Monsters who can destroy sidewalks by vomiting acid onto the ground, and an elite group of black, queer, magical girls who work to put those monsters in their place.

See? Just like most other cities.

Bree Danvers would’ve compared it to a video game, maybe a cartoon or comic book, except black girls are rarely the heroines of the story. But there her heroine stood, plus sized and wonderful, rocking a dazzling amount of purple and defeating monsters with galactic sparkles. Galactic Purple, that was her name, and soon, Bree was joining her on a magical adventure full of transformations and after school battles to defend a city like most other cities.

And soon, others would join them, and each one would be magical in their own way… give or take a few bumps on the acid covered ground.

Come join us and back this project to show the world just how magical these girls are!