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Briana Lawrence  &  Jessica Walsh

In 2001, two women met online on a Gundam Wing yaoi mailing list, of all places. Briana was attending college at Iowa State University, while Jessica attended St. Cloud State University. The two would chat on a nightly basis and even wrote a fanfic together. At some point, the two began roleplaying as different anime and video game characters. As they roleplayed together, they began coming up with original story ideas, but thought nothing of it.

After graduation, Briana moved to Minnesota and moved in with Jessica. One year after living together, their apartment was broken into. Among the list of stolen things were their laptops, and the two had to start their online roleplay all over again. This gave birth to a character called, “The Storyteller,” a creature who could read your life like a book and change anything he wanted. They started roleplaying stories revolving around this character until, one day, Jessica wrote the prologue to a book idea. After many car rides and ice cream trips, the two planned out the first book to a series, “Seeking the Storyteller,” and planned out the rest of the series.

While this was going on, both women were writing their own, solo projects and promoting each other’s work. They would edit each other’s works and act as each others’ muses, always encouraging and, occasionally, adding interesting tidbits to their tales. Between the two of them they have a variety of books that cover several genres, ranging from Urban Fantasy, to Mystery, to Horror, to LGBT, and whatever their muses whisper to them. They bring their books to conventions all across the country to promote them and get them into the hands of readers who are ready to be taken into an entirely different world.

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Briana Lawrence & Jessica Walsh (and Destiny Dawn)

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Books we’ve written and contributed to:

 magnifiqueNOIR Book 1: I Am Magical – Young Adult, Magicial Girl

  Spiked and Feathered – Shifter Gay Erotica

BtC Beneath the Chapter : Hunters 2 – Young Adult, Urban Fantasy

2016_February_ezine_cover_medThe Siren’s Call – Things That Go Bump in the Night: Lurking Status – Horror

 Ironbound Kisses – Urban Fantasy, Gay Romance

 Keeping the Cookies – Gay Romance, Christmas themed

Seeking the StorytellerSeeking the Storyteller: Hunters 1 – Young Adult, Urban Fantasy

 Press Start to Play – Gay Romance

Double Hue Double Hue – Mystery, Gay Romance

Treat Me KindlyTreat Me Kindly – Erotic Thriller

dear fatty Dear Fatty: Letters to my Younger Self – Edited by Rachelle Abellar

Blushing_Apples_Order Blushing Apples: Devious Pies 1 – Erotica

Lemon_Wedges_Final Lemon Wedges: Devious Pies 2 – Erotica

ApexMag11 Apex Magazine #66 – Whispering Waters – Horror

juicy bits cover Voyeur Something – Gay Erotica



A big thank you to everyone who has shown support of our work! We’ve gone to a lot of conventions and have met a lot of fans.  Here are a few pictures of people who have shown love for our work. Please keep an eye on this page as we continue our travels.

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