Indiegogo Thank You: Little Creepers

Thank you to everyone who helped make this book possible! The people below were a major part of this book coming to publication and I really appreciate it!

 While the book is still in preorder status, you can purchase a copy here at my etsy store:
Ebook copy
Physical (signed) copy

Special thank yous to the following:
* MrCreepyPasta – for previewing one of the stories on his channel, Lurking Status. See his channel here.
* Dave Branch – for designing the cover art for the novel. It turned out perfectly creepy! Check out his new project here.
* Tyrine Carver – for doing artwork inside the book for the story FrostBite. See her other art here: Musetap Studios
* And of course, thank you to my partner Briana Lawrence for being my editor on this novel.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Indiegogo Campaign:

Bill Bodden | Nate Anderson | Duke | Thomas Broussard | Anonymous | Two Middle Aged Geeks | Lace Leatherman | Helen Berry | Anonymous | Any Porter | Eliza Rose | Bitha | Stephanie Chrismon | Alicia Pamperin | Jo | Melissa Minor | Shannon Pettit | Michael Frank | Pandora Wilde | Jennifer Manna | Danielle Schef | Autumn Van Kirk

I seriously appreciate it, really. Now, hopefully I don’t mess with your dreams too much.