Fanart and other works!

On this page you’ll find various fanart and works that we’ve received for our novels.  Please follow the links back to the original creators as they are some fabulously talented people. And if you have anything you’d like to share, let us know!


From Seeking the Storyteller

zackmira - smaller




Mira and Zack by Diana Hyjek




Saby Cat Haven Commission   Haven – by Saby Cat – 6-29-2015

Anasia and Lyree




Anasia and Lyree – by KrisRix – 2014








Katalynne – by Chad Jasper – 2014








Atticus – by Sean Iredale – 2014









Dox – Commissioned at Meta-con 2014






Harper – Commissioned at Meta-con 2014




IMG_4010 IMG_4011


Mira and Haven by Thea Teufel-Hall










I-lyan by Dapper Raptor Studios




Xaver yvonne



Xaver & Yvonne by thedietelf






From Treat Me Kindly:





Natalie – by Cat – 2014

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