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July Updates!

Hey there, magical ones! Hope you’re all having a great summer! We’ve been busy traveling to conventions, promoting “magnifiqueNOIR” and, of course, getting the book finished! Here’s where we are at the moment:

1. Editing is DONE!!! So the next part is to get the file ready for our formatter along with sending over all the art that’s going into the book. He will then get the book ready for physical/ebook versions and send it back to me. Once it’s approved, it goes to the printer!!!

2. While all of that is going on, I’ll be getting all the backer rewards organized. Currently, they’re in my office, but I’ll be making sure I have absolutely everything for you all 🙂

3. When I’m ready to ship everything out, I’ll be sending an email to everyone to make sure addresses are the same and things like that. Some of you have had this ordered since February, so I want to be sure you get your book!

In other news, we are officially discontinuing the preview books we had for “magnifiqueNOIR.” With the book coming out so soon, there’s no real need for the chapter preview anymore. Thank you to everyone who picked one up and everyone who has been spreading the word about the project.

Don’t forget, you can stay up to date at the following places:
Twitter: @BrichibiTweets (and feel free to use #magnifiqueNOIR)

Don’t forget, if there’s any magnifiqueNOIR merchandise you forgot to pick up, it’s all in our etsy store!

We’re so close, everyone! I’m so excited to present this book to you!